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About us

Innova. About us


INNOVA FOOD INGREDIENTS is a brand of Corporación Alimentaria Peñasanta S.A. (Central Lechera Asturiana, Larsa and Ato), the leading company in the Spanish dairy market; it collaborates with more than 2,000 dairy farmers who provide the highest quality raw materials.


INNOVA as a brand of CAPSA develops, makes and sells a wide range of dairy ingredients, including basic products and special products aimed at improving the quality, usability and health of consumers, by offering effective solutions to the demands of the food industry.

In its two extremely well-located factories, in Granda (Asturias) and Lugo (Galicia), INNOVA produces POWDERED MILK, DAIRY DERIVATIVES, DAIRY PRODUCTS, FUNCTIONAL INGREDIENTS, MILK PROTEINS and MILK SOLIDS. It offers many options for its clients who are looking for a distinguished and quality product.

Our high industrial capacity allows us to offer solutions for an extensive range of dairy product uses in different sectors: dairy, meat, ice-cream, bread-making, biscuits, frozen products, nutritional and sport products, among others.  Innova looks for ad hoc solutions to offer its industrial partners and final clients.

In addition, having our own pilot plants makes it possible for INNOVA (CAPSA) to develop new formulas and new uses of products for our clients.

New products

LACTOSE-FREE powdered skimmed milk. INNOVA'S response to the demands of a growing market: the lactose intolerant market. With less than 0.1% lactose content, this product is a reference for the lactose intolerant market.
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  • Our facilities┬┤certificates
    As part of the Corporaci├│n Alimentaria Pe├▒asanta, S.A
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  • Lactose-Free Mozzarella
    Lactose-free Mozzarella is a product offered to frozen pizza manufacturers who want to give their clients an added value.
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