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Our strategy is based on innovation through creating new ingredients for industrial purposes, which have technological and functional benefits.

In the field of R&D&I management, Innova defines its duty to its clients as:

Meeting their demands through a commitment research and development, which allows us to offer stand-out products and services.

Investing in new products, such as our recently launched lactose-free powdered skimmed milk and lactose-free mozzarella, which satisfy the needs of today´s consumer.

Promoting R&D&I agreements and cooperation among clients, partners and institutions, which encourage collaboration, communication, transparency and reciprocal benefits.

Process Technologies: Research on processes with better technological and functional performance, which enable a constant improvement of the quality of the product.
Research and Development: pilot plant

We have pilot facilities (Ultrafiltration Nanofiltration, drying etc.) for carrying out trials on a small scale. Our drying equipment, for example, has an approximate capacity of approximately 5kg/hour.

Our facilities make it possible for us to try out new developments and modifications in real conditions, and this means that the client does not bear the cost of product trials, and that the process is carried out quickly and with maximum effectiveness.

The facilities are available to clients who wish to perform in situ trials or for assigning trials to Innova´s technical team, who are able to give a fast and effective response.

New products

LACTOSE-FREE powdered skimmed milk. INNOVA'S response to the demands of a growing market: the lactose intolerant market. With less than 0.1% lactose content, this product is a reference for the lactose intolerant market.
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  • Our facilities´certificates
    As part of the Corporación Alimentaria Peñasanta, S.A
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  • Lactose-Free Mozzarella
    Lactose-free Mozzarella is a product offered to frozen pizza manufacturers who want to give their clients an added value.
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